Perfect perfume for everyday and the early evening: A lasting impression of woody-herb notes combined with freshness.

    From 14,90 $



    Must-have for the evening: An intense fragrant experience of classic woody notes with oriental and fresh highlights.

    From 14,90 $

  • DYNAMIC man

    DYNAMIC man

    Great perfume for day wear: A compelling blend of aromatic and fresh notes for active men.

    From 14,90 $

  • CASUAL man

    CASUAL man

    Great perfume for day wear: Inspired by the freshness of the ocean, this scent is expression of vital nature.

    From 14,90 $



    Your choice for night outs: Aromatic and warm with sweet highlights. An expressive composition for the spirit of today‘s men.

    From 14,90 $

Our Character Fragrances for Men

Male Fragrances for Men

With our character fragrances for him, our perfumers are redefining the art of perfumery. Elegant male notes, like sandalwood, ocean aqua and white musk are melting together to become a unique masculine fragrance composition. For any type of man there is the perfect scent type, may it be sporty-fresh, spicy-elegant or masculine adventurous. The fragrances have been developed by our perfumers to be harmonic and long-lasting male scents. Any character fragrance can be used individually pure or in combination with your favorite Pure Essence Fragrances. This way you can express you mood day for day and adapt your fragrance to it. On hot summer days, you can combine your fragrance with a splash or fresh aquatic or lemon notes and on cold winter days or for special occasions you can combine it with warm woody or spicy-oriental male fragrances ("Fragrance Layering"). In any case your scent is a unique fragrance experience to perfectly match your own type and style. And what is your favorite character fragrance?